Ukraine’s third “Best Artist of 2019”

The 3rd Ukrainian “Best Artist of 2019” Art Creation Exhibition was held by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Vinnitsa Municipal Government for three consecutive years. Mr. КИСТИОН.В, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr. МОРГУНОВ.С, Mayor of Vinnitsa, the people The artist Mr. КОЗЮК presided over the chairman of the UIIE Ukrainian Institute of International Education, Mr. Liu Yudan, as one of the judges of the competition. Artists, cultural figures, local community political business representatives, numerous guests, partners and project sponsors gathered in this art exhibition and art competition, artists and organizers successfully hosted a grand grand art show music evening.

We are pleased to announce that the UIIE Ukrainian School of International Education is actively participating in the event. In the nomination of “Best Artist”, the UIIE Ukrainian Institute of International Education, 2018 international student Lu Xinmin, is a contestant in 7 countries. Out of the box, won the international group champion. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Institute of International Education, Liu Yidan, and the Vice President Aventin Dmitry attended the ceremony.

Ukrainian Institute of International Education congratulates all winners of this competition for their successful career

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